BoardCast for Android is a collaborative drawing and whiteboarding app.

What is BoardCast?

BoardCast for Android is a collaborative drawing and whiteboarding app. Draw anytime, anywhere, and watch your strokes appear instantly on all connected devices. Whether you're together in a conference room sharing wifi or hidden in a forest with nothing but beavers in sight, BoardCast has you covered. Once your collaboration is over, you can keep making changes locally and share them with your collaborators later (or not).

Collaborate anywhere

Collaborate with your peers in real-time. Connect up to 10 devices* in a single session over WiFi, all drawing in real-time.

No WiFi required

On an alien planet? Unreliable WiFi? Use Android Beam privately with up to 5 devices*, no WiFi or internet connection required.

Share edits effortlessly

Made some changes on your own? BoardCast remembers your original collaborators so you can update them at the touch of a button.

Start your way

Capture an existing drawing, choose an image to annotate, or start fresh with a clean whiteboard.

Options unlimited

Unlimited colors, unlimited whiteboards, unlimited creativity.

Nothing set in (virtual) stone

Unlimited undo (local edits only), collaborative eraser.

Universal export

Export a snapshot of any whiteboard to any app on your device.

Material design

Fits right in with your favorite apps, on lollipop or any version of Android since 4.3

Perfect for tablets

Designed for tablets, works great on phones too.

*Device limits are not enforced and may depend on devices and network conditions.


We hope you find BoardCast useful.
Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or suggestions.

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